Sledding is a well-known dog sport, but fewer are familiar with skijoring {(sk jôr ng, -jr-) n. [modif. of Norw skikjøring, fr. ski + kjøring driving]} which is defined as a winter sport in which a person wearing skis is drawn over snow by one or more dogs. The joy of it is that any dog that has a harness can play as long as it can tolerate winter weather, is physically fit, and can keep up with you while you are skiing (although it does make life easier if the dog can actually pull you!). Almost any dog over 30 pounds can pull most people. A small sled (pulk) may be added to the dog and skier team for transportation of items or a person. The pulk is usually placed between the dogs and the driver, although it may be pulled by the skier.

We have been sledding and skijoring for many years, although sometimes the lack of snow in the Edmonton area has limited things a bit.  The flying white fur joyfully running ahead is a sight to see!