Canadian Champion Gandale’s Karellan Beahr (Heffy)

Hips OFA Good               Born 1988

Can Ch Jasam’s Country Boy   x   Can Ch Gandale’s Bindi Beahr


Heffy taking a Best of Breed at the Westerly dog show
Photograph by Mikron Photography

Heffy modelling men’s shirts and ties for the Edmonton Journal

Heffy had a couple of claims to fame. He was the strongest dog I have ever owned, and I just wish I had been able to do weight pulling with him but it wasn’t a sport in his time. He is also the only dog I have owned who had a modelling career, consisting exclusively of modelling a floral print Hugo Boss tie for a men’s fashion spread in the Edmonton Journal on how to be “top dog” at the office. Like my other Samoyeds, he loved sledding, and participated a couple of times in sledding (or actually quadding) demonstrations during Edmonton’s Klondike Days.

Heffy skijoring in Morinville, Alberta

~Heffy’s pedigree~